Offering your employees cost-free healthcare benefits is nothing to sneeze at.

Provides comfort

With the bills under control, your employees can concentrate on getting better.

Tax benefits

Employees can earn dividends tax-free.

Easy to set up

Unlike health insurance, an HSA is an easy benefit you can offer.

HSAs cover a wide range of medical costs, from doctor, dental, and hospital bills to vision care and prescription purchases.

Of all the things you can do for your employees, an important focus should be on health and well-being. But it's no secret that top-notch treatment can be a budget-buster. One way to keep it more affordable is by offering your employees in a high deductible health insurance plan a way to save and pay for current and future medical expenses.

  • Cost-efficient way to pay for future medical expenses
  • Designed for individuals and families with high-deductible medical insurance
  • Individuals can contribute up to $3,650 annually and families can deposit up to $7,300
  • Individuals age 55 or older can add $1,000 more annually
  • All contributions are pre-tax; dividends grow tax-free and all qualified withdrawals are tax-free
  • Any unused portion of your annual contribution automatically rolls over to the next year
  • Unlike health insurance, HSAs stay with the employee
  • Excellent cost-free benefit for employers to offer

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