Take money management into your own hands.

Easy enrollment

Once enrolled in Online Banking, click on ‘Services’, then ‘Text Enrollment’.

Ask us questions

Request balances, a funds transfer, or a list of recent transactions.

It's your call

If texting isn't your thing, tap into accounts through 24/7 phone banking.

The most important thing about Text Banking? Knowing where to send your messages. The number is 226563.

Whether your thumbs move with blinding speed or you use the one-finger hunt-and-peck method, Text Banking can be a fast alternative to check balances and move money. 

To get started: 

  1. Enroll in Online Banking
  2. In the main menu, click on ‘Services’, then ‘Text Enrollment’.
  3. Check balances, view recent transactions, etc., by texting commands to 226563

Common Commands

  • BAL: Displays the current account balance for all enabled accounts
  • BAL <account nickname>: Displays the current balance for the account that you specify
  • HIST <account nickname>: Displays the recent history for the account that you specify
  • XFER <from account nickname> <to account nickname> <amount>: Transfers the amount you specify from one account to another
  • LIST: Displays a list of all available text banking commands
  • HELP: Displays a list of contact points for information about Text Banking (including the website address, phone number, or other information)
  • STOP: Disables text banking (you can also use the settings in Digital Banking to enable and disable text banking)


You can also enroll in eAlerts and receive texts/emails regarding account balances, electronic deposits, withdrawals or when a payment is due.

Electronic Teller

Maybe you're more comfortable using your phone in a more traditional way. With our 24/7 telephone banking service, your Fox accounts are just one call away.


When using electronic teller, a narrator walks you through the process step-by-step to:

  • Access all the accounts you own or are authorized to access
  • Check balances on your accounts and loans
  • Review your transaction history
  • Make transfers between your accounts
  • Make loan payments by transferring funds from savings or checking accounts
  • Find out if a check has cleared

Your First Call

  • Use any of your 12-digit account numbers to log in and access any account you are authorized to transact on.
  • Your PIN will be the last six-digits of your Social Security number.
  • Choose a new PIN. The new PIN can be four to eight digits long.

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