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Technology has likely made a big impact on your business. Financial tech can also be a game-changer by helping you simplify everyday operations.

As the economy moves away from cash and check payments, it's important for businesses to keep pace. The key to efficiency is automation.

There's far more to running a successful business than offering a good service or product. You also have to manage cash and process payments efficiently if you're to maximize profits. Leverage our suite of services to help streamline and enhance daily operations, freeing up your team to focus on serving customers and clients.

Enjoy these additional features of Business Online Banking: adding and controlling user access, higher transfer limits, a full menu of Treasury Management products, and so much more.

  • Financial Management Software Integration with programs such as Microsoft Money, Intuit Quicken, or Intuit QuickBooks
  • Control user access
  • Mobile Check Deposit
  • Reporting

Visit our Business Online Banking webpage to learn more or contact the Business Services team to enroll today.

ACH Origination

Electronically pull funds from your customers accounts and deposit into your business account, or electronically pay your vendors directly out of
your business account.

  • Easily originate multiple ACH transactions directly through Business Online Banking
  • Reduce billing paperwork
  • Receive/send funds in a timely manner and on a consistent basis
  • Reduce the risk associated with sending or receiving checks via mail
  • Increase payee satisfaction with an electronic payment option

Direct Deposit Payroll

Streamline your payroll process by sending electronic funds to each employee’s financial institution.

  • Eliminate the need for paper payroll checks
  • Affordable
  • Secure, timely payments for employees

Stay one step ahead of fraudsters who target businesses with the help of Positive Pay. Utilizing predetermined controls to help detect fraud, Positive Pay is another layer of protection to ensure unauthorized transactions do not remove funds from your account. Contact our Business Services Team to enroll in Positive Pay today.

Positive Pay - ACH

  • Review ACH transactions presented to your account prior to the transactions clearing
  • Review discrepancies relative to your predetermined controls
  • Make decisions on all discrepancies by choosing to pay or return directly through Business Online Banking

Positive Pay - Checks

  • Upload a file or manually input each new check that has been written
  • When a check is presented to your account, the date, check number, and dollar amount are matched to the information uploaded
  • Any checks that match will be paid
  • Any checks that do not match will become an exception. You decide whether the presented check should be paid or returned directly through Business Online Banking


  • Minimize exposure to fraud and cut costs of returned item fees
  • Control whether exception items should be paid or returned directly through Business Online Banking
  • Receive email notifications when exceptions are created and require your attention

Allow your team to deposit the day’s incoming checks without leaving the workplace - saving loads of time with this scanning system.

  • Convenient: Make your deposits when the time is right for you. No need to work around credit union hours. 
  • Easy to use: Simple system. Easy to follow steps. 
  • Reports: Ability to view reports with full details of checks that have been deposited as well as access to copies of checks. 
  • Check scanner: The hardware and support are included as part of the monthly services.
  • Secure: Deposits are transmitted through a secure internet connection and all sessions are username and password protected.
  • Support: Training is provided at the time of installation and ongoing support is available to assist you with any questions you may have along the way. 

Maximize your earnings! Reduce manual transfers and allow your excess cash to automatically transfer to a higher dividend account, transfer to cover checks that are clearing, or reduce your line of credit balance.

What is a Sweep?

  • An automatic transfer that occurs between two or more accounts based on a set target balance
  • Should a balance drop below the targeted amount of your choosing, funds may transfer into the account, bringing it to the target balance at the end of the day1
  • Should a balance exceed the target amount,1 funds may transfer out of the account, to a higher yield savings account or to reduce the outstanding balance of a line of credit2


  • May help you earn more money (dividends) on your money, or reduce interest paid
  • An automatic process for convenience
  • Helps prevent overdrafts, non-sufficient funds, and their associated fees
  • Incoming Wire Transfers: Arrange for business partners and others to make fast, secure payments directly to credit union accounts.
  • Outgoing Wire Transfers: Send funds electronically across the country or to another continent in under 24 hours (in most cases).

We’ve partnered with Clover® to provide you with merchant services to simplify your business operations and help your business grow.

Benefits of Clover®

  • Accept all major debit and credit cards and mobile wallet contactless payments
  • Uncover insights and compare market sales
  • Track sales via web browser or smartphone
  • Boost sales with mobile loyalty programs
  • ATM sales/installation
  • Check guarantee system
  • Support available all year, 24/7
  • Get your money faster than most other merchant services providers

Don’t miss an opportunity to close a sale. Contact us to start your Clover® journey.

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