Brand Resources & Guidelines

Logo Quality and Size Guidelines

Please note that our blue waves change based on print (PMS 300) or digital (Hex 0C7AC0) use.

Quality and Sourcing

  • Prohibited Use: Logos obtained through screen capture or saved from a search engine are not permitted.

  • Official Logo: Use our official logo provided below for any applications.

Size and Integrity

  • Scalability: Our logo can be scaled to any size, provided:

    • All stroke effects are maintained.
    • The integrity and quality of our logo is preserved.
  • Minimum Size: Our logo must not be used at a width smaller than one inch. If a smaller size is necessary, please obtain approval from our marketing department.

Background and Placement

  • Background: Avoid using our logo on busy or colored backgrounds as they may affect contrast and visibility. A white background is preferred.

  • Integrity: Do not alter or pull apart any elements of our logo.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact our marketing department.

Primary Logo for Web

For Digital Use Only

Primary Logo for Print

For Print Use Only