Protect yourself online with a powerful password

Fox Communities Credit Union offers tips on how to create a powerful password to protect your identity and your finances online

Powerful, hard-to-guess passwords are one of the best ways to protect yourself online. But are your passwords up to snuff? If they’re not, they will be once your done reading this post, because here at Fox Communities Credit Union (Fox), your online security is of the upmost importance.

Tips to beef up your frontline cyber security with a strong password

Think about all the financial activities – and activities, in general – you handle online. Now think about the passwords you have protecting those activities, and all the information scammers and identity thieves can get their digital hands on if those passwords fail. Are you still confident in your passwords? If not, follow these steps to improve your passwords and bolster the frontlines of your cyber security:

  • Include a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols with no discernible pattern
  • Never include your name, the name of a relative, important dates like a birthday or anniversary, or any other common words or phrases
  • Never write down your password – if you’re worried about forgetting it, use a well-known and well-respected password keeper
  • Have different passwords for your various accounts
  • Change them regularly
  • Never share your password with anyone

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