Stop this refugee scam cold in its tracks

Scams and fraud are nothing new, unfortunately, which means we must all stay vigilant in our work to keep our identities and finances safe. Below you’ll find information

The Scam: Refugee Plea
With humanitarian crises ongoing around the globe, heart-wrenching images fill the news and social media. Unfortunately, criminals see these images, too. Their response is to craft appeals to help refugees fleeing war, famine, and climate catastrophes. The fraudsters may pose as either an individual or a charity. Common themes in their messaging are sorrowful backstories and an urgent need for money.

The Plan: Slow Down and Research
Helping those in need is a beautiful thing, but taking the time to research about nonprofits and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) working in that area is just as important. Charity Navigator and GuideStar are great sites for determining which organizations are worth your while.

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