Buy everything you need - and easily keep track of it all.

Exceptional convenience

Cards are accepted online and at millions of locations worldwide.

Quick cash

Use debit cards to access funds at countless ATMs.

Total control

Set dollar expenditure limits for individual employees.

Debit card use can help keep a lid on overhead because you won't have to pay interest charges on purchases.

Delegate with confidence! With a Business Visa Debit Card, you can allow employees to make purchases and payments while still keeping a close eye on business costs. Each card transaction creates a detailed record that allows you and your financial team to easily track - and control - expenditures.

  • All Fox Business Checking accounts include a Business Visa Debit Card
  • Access cash at countless ATM locations
  • Make purchases online and at millions of locations worldwide
  • No annual fees or interest charges
  • Get multiple cards and set spending limits for each employee or department
  • To learn more, contact Fox Business Services or call 920-993-9000

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Run the Numbers

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