With your help, we make good things happen in our communities.

Offering assistance

Our mission - to make life better for people in Eastern Wisconsin.

Grants for non-profits

Learn how your organization might qualify for funding.

Public donations accepted

It takes a team effort to support as many worthy causes as possible.

Our foundation focuses on ending homelessness, fighting hunger, and providing access to the arts.

Fox Cares is more than a way for our credit union to funnel funds to charities. It's a platform for assistance and advocacy - a way for community members to support organizations that provide our Eastern Wisconsin neighbors with the security of a warm home, the stability of a warm meal, and the ability to share the warmth in their hearts through art.

In addition to donations from community members, the foundation is supported by proceeds from fundraising events we support.

Fox Communities Credit Union is a full-service, not-for-profit financial institution serving members throughout Wisconsin, including Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, Manitowoc and beyond. 


Fox Cares Foundation, Inc. is a Wisconsin nonprofit corporation with a 501(c)(3) status effective June 21, 2016. While Fox Communities Credit Union (Fox) actively supports Fox Cares Foundation, Inc., the entities are neither legal affiliates nor subsidiaries of each other. Fox Cares can make no representation with regard to deductibility of any contribution. Please speak with your tax adviser regarding the tax implications of any charitable contribution to Fox Cares Foundation, Inc.