The Story of Our First Corporate Office

When Fox Communities Credit Union decided to build a new corporate office, the board members on the building and grounds committee and Greg, our former CEO, got pretty excited – so much so that they nearly got themselves arrested!

To hear the funny story of their bungled evening of brainstorming, watch our short video below. Make sure to answer the short, multiple choice quiz at the bottom of the page to be entered in our drawing to win one of five $25 prizes! This video is a clip from a longer video we’ve created about our history. The video tells the story of Fox’s beginnings, how we’ve grown, and what makes us such a special organization (spoiler alert: it’s how much we care about each other and our communities)! We’ve made the full video available if you’d like to watch it – and you should –  it’s 25 minutes of heartwarming history.

George Ulman: I was on the Building and Grounds Committee when we decided to build a new corporate office. We had to decide everything, the floors, architect. After we got approval to build a credit union, Greg and I and two of the other board members decided to take a ride and see if we could find some kind of brick that we wanted for this particular credit union.

Greg Hilbert (Retired President & CEO, Fox Communities Credit Union): We were kind of touring some of the other financial institutions to see how they were laid out…

George Ulman: And the more we did this, the darker it got. And Greg said, “Well, I got some flashlights in the car.” So, pretty soon we’re looking through the window, with a camera, with flashlights, taking notes, and we went to Little Chute, Kaukauna, Kimberly. Then, it’s about nine o’clock, and we’re driving to pick up our cars in Appleton, when a squad car comes beaming down the street.

Greg Hilbert: We got pulled over. I think I had a headlight out or something.

George Ulman: They pulled right in front of us. And they stopped. We’re thinking, “What’s going on?” Cop comes up to the car, knocks on the window, Greg rolls ‘er down, and he says, “Uh, officer, what’s the issue?” The cop says, “Are you guys casing banks?” Somebody reported us as casing banks. And none of us ever thought that just because we’re peeking in every window in a bank from Neenah to Appleton and beyond that we’d get picked up for that. But, we had a good laugh about it. In fact, it was really funny.

Greg Hilbert: An interesting evening, that’s for sure.

George Ulman – Retired Board Member, Fox Communities Credit Union
Greg Hilbert – Retired  President & CEO, Fox Communities Credit Union