Our Passion For Community Outreach

At Fox Communitities , It's about more than just being a great financial institution, it's about building up our communities around us as well

As we’ve continued to grow, we’ve been able to do more for the communities around us. We like to think that’s what sets us apart. We not only want to see our members thrive, but we want to see our communities thrive as well. And we want to be part of that. Watch the video below to hear it right from the mouths of our leadership and the community we serve. This video is a clip from a longer video we’ve created about our history. The video tells the story of Fox’s beginnings, how we’ve grown, and what makes us such a special organization (spoiler alert: it’s how much we care about each other and our communities)! We have also made the full video available if you’d like to watch it – and you should –  it’s 25 minutes of heartwarming history.

Dave Thone: The biggest thing about Fox Communities is yes, we’ve grown, but it’s really about the communities we serve. We’ve grown to help people in their communities.

Steve Vande Hey: They’ve got quite a footprint in terms of their community outreach.

Cathy Harvath: We do fundraisers, we give our employees volunteer time off…

Brett Thompson: They’re supportive of local school systems, they’re supportive of the local charities.

Greg Hilbert: We recognize that part of our obligation is to give back; not only to our members, but to our communities.

Brett Thompson: They’ve really become the fixture and the entity you turn to; not only for financial needs, but for the greater community needs.

Greg Hilbert: So, ____ those events that our members partake in, just helps make it a better place for all of us.

Dave Thone: All of those communities that we’re in, they’re rich in family, rich in tradition. And if we can bring events to their community, it’s pretty cool that the credit union can give back in those areas.

Dave Thone – Vice President of Internal Operations, Fox Communities Credit Union
Steve Vande Hey – Retired Board Member, Fox Communities Credit Union
Cathy Harvath – Vice President of Marketing, Fox Communities Credit Union
Brett Thompson – CEO, Wisconsin Credit Union League
Greg Hilbert – Retired President & CEO, Fox Communities Credit Union