Auto Expert: Never let the dealership run your credit

Extra credit pulls don’t help your score, so just call Fox first when shopping for a car

For those who have read my stories, you know they usually involve my experiences with our Fox Communities Credit Union members. Here’s my latest.Mike Pastorelli

I recently had a member call about refinancing their current auto loan. They informed me that they tried to do it in January, but their credit score wasn’t high enough to justify a refinance at that time, as his rate wasn’t going to improve.

Now, I’m not going to sugar coat this — I wasn’t very optimistic that we would be able to help him quickly. It takes time to improve a credit score enough to drop rates significantly. But I ended up being pleasantly surprised as this member brought their credit score up over 100 points in a short amount of time, proving that good coaching, hard work, and determination can work wonders. We were able to bring their rate down from 12.9% to 6.99%, saving the member quite a bit of money.

But that’s still not the most important aspect of this story for all of you to take away. During our conversations, I learned that while shopping around for vehicles, the member was letting dealers pull their credit to determine what they’d qualify for. This is a terrible idea! All the extra pulls only hurt your credit score.

So, if you’re going vehicle shopping, call Fox first and let one of our experts take a look at your credit and advise you on budgeting. Don’t let the dealers control this, as they are just interested in selling you a vehicle, not in your long-term finances.

I can’t wait to help,

Mike Pastorelli

Fox’s Auto Buying Specialist


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