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It’s Identity Theft Awareness Week – Be Extra Vigilant with These Helpful Tips

We take the digital safety of our members very seriously here at Fox Communities Credit Union, which is why our Fox digital banking app features so many safeguards to help protect your financial information and your identity. But even the best digital safeguards need to be paired with a set of watchful eyes to fully ensure your identity and financial information stay out of the wrong hands. That means you’ve got to stay vigilant in checking your accounts regularly to keep an eye out for any signs of fraud. If you do this already, awesome! Keep it up! If you don’t, now is as good a time to start as any, as we suggest all our Fox members review their digital safety strategies during Identity Theft Week 2023. And be sure to check out the rest of this post for some helpful tips on how to do exactly that — tips like:

  • Never give out your personal information unless you’ve verified you’re disclosing that information to a legitimate entity, like us here at Fox Communities Credit Union
  • Keep you Social Security Card in a safe, secure location, not in your wallet or pocket
  • Bring your mail in daily and make sure to put a hold on your mail whenever you’ll be away from your home
  • Dispose of your mail in a safe manner, such as shredding any document with sensitive information (including receipts you no longer need)
  • Utilize every security feature your smartphone has to offer
  • Turn on two-factor identification protection whenever you are able
  • Keep your computer’s firewall and cybersecurity measures up to date
  • Ensure all your passwords are complex and changed regularly
  • Review all credit card and financial statements as soon as you get them, and contact your institutions immediately if any are late
  • Review your credit reports regularly
  • Keep all important financial documents in a safe in your home
  • Freeze your credit files (for free) as soon as you notice anything suspicious

Worried about online scams and scammers? Protect yourself and your assets with secure digital banking at Fox

Everyone loves convenience, but not at the price of peace of mind. That’s why we make sure all of our digital banking features here at Fox Communities Credit Union are equal parts convenient and secure. We’re in the business of people helping people here at Fox, so here are some tips and tricks to make sure your online banking practices stay safe and secure.



First and foremost, we keep our digital banking systems and digital banking apps up to date with the latest online security measures – but there are still things you can do to keep things secure on your end. To help, we had our resident online security experts create lists of online security tips and identity theft prevention tricks so that you’ve got everything you need to know to keep yourself – and your online assets – safe.



If you’d like to learn more about how we keep your digital financial activities safe or what digital banking services we offer, please contact our staff or come in and see us at one of our many locations in the Fox Valley, Green Bay area, and Manitowoc area.


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