Checking account options at Fox Communities Credit Union

Which Fox checking account is right for you?

There are some banks and credit unions out there that think financial services are one size fits all. In other words, they don’t offer you options that fit your financial needs – they simply expect you to assimilate to the services they provide. That’s not how things work here at Fox Communities Credit Union (“Fox”), however. Instead of taking the one-size-fits-all approach, we offer our Fox members multiple financial options so they can find the service that best fits their needs. Our Fox checking account options are one of the best examples of this, so let’s take a look at all the checking account options available to our Fox members.


Our Fox Free Checking Account boasts numerous advantages for our Fox members, including no minimum balance requirements, no monthly maintenance fees, unlimited check writing, a free debit card complete with unlimited cash withdrawals at any Fox ATM, and access to all the convenience our Fox digital banking system has to offer.


Want to up the excitement from the Fox Free Checking Account? Then you’re going to want to check out our Fox Checking Plus Account. With our Fox Checking Plus Account, you do need a $200 minimum balance to avoid a $2 monthly maintenance fee, but you also earn dividends on a balance of $500 or more.


Our Fox Rewards Checking Account is our premium checking account, with a twist – the twist being there’s no minimum balance to get your rewards. And when those rewards include 5.00% APY on your first $5,000, early payroll access where available, and up to $15 in ATM fee refunds every month, everyone is going to want to get in on the fun. Simply use your Fox debit/credit card 15 times per month, sign up for eStatements, and have a total monthly direct deposit or automatic debit of at least $500 attached to the account, and the rewards are yours.


Are you part of a community group or club that needs a checking account? Then our Fox Civic Club Checking Account could be perfect for you. There’s no minimum balance required and no monthly maintenance fee, plus you get a free debit card, free digital banking services, unlimited check writing, and free eStatements.


We’ve also got a pair of Fox Business Checking Accounts available to our Fox business members. With our basic Fox Business Checking Account, you get 100 free transactions (with a $0.15 fee for every transaction thereafter), no $10 monthly service fee with a maintained daily balance over $500, a free debit card, and free access to our Fox Bill Pay feature, our Fox digital banking capabilities, and our Fox eStatements.

With a Fox Business Checking Account Plus, you earn dividends daily as long as your account balance remains at $2,500 or more. You also don’t have to worry about a $15 monthly service fee as long as your daily balance remains at or above $1,500. You’re also getting everything that comes with the basic business checking account, though the transaction fee is now $0.10 per transaction after the first 100.

If you’d like help figuring out which Fox checking account is right for you, please contact our friendly Fox team at any of our Fox locations.