Appleton Continues to Show its Love for Music and the Arts

Strolling down the streets of Appleton is no bore for your ears or eyes…

Everywhere you go there is music and art. You would think that Appleton, a paper mill town, would be a far cry from being a community of the artistic nature, but it’s not.

Over the years, Appleton has shown to be very notable for their support for music and the arts. Along with the long-standing artistic reputation of Lawrence University, the community has elevated its support of the arts by hosting large events like Mile of Music and Bike to the Beat, both large advocates of live original music.

More recently, Fox Communities Credit Union, the organization behind Bike to the Beat and title sponsor of Mile of Music teamed up with Cory Chisel, a local singer/songwriter to start an initiative to help spread the word about Appleton’s love of music and original artists. The outcome of this collaborative project was five signs, which all read, “Appleton, I hear singing when I turn down our road.” You might ask, where did the words on the signs come from? The verse on the ‘I hear signing’ signs comes from the lyrics of “Our Song,” an Appleton anthem written and performed at the 2018 Bike to the Beat by Chisel and children from Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Fox Valley Region. Each word was a description given by the children and what they think Appleton means to them.

The sign idea was proposed to Mayor Tim Hanna and the city approved it with open arms. Once local artist, Chad Brady, from the Refuge Foundation for the Arts and Urban Evolutions created the signs, all were installed in suitable places in public right of way. The signs greet people from all directions of Appleton as they enter the downtown area. Signs are located at the east end of the College Avenue bridge, by the flagpole at Memorial Drive and College, at the intersection of Appleton and Packard streets, at Jones Park, and at the bottom of the Oneida Skyline Bridge near the Marigold Mile sign.

Next time you find yourself in the downtown Appleton area, look for those signs. Let them be a reminder of what the great city of Appleton has to offer. Stop at a local establishment for some live music or partake in Mile of Music and Bike to the Beat events to fill your ears and souls with the tunes of live original music.