Fox Member Testimonial: Ted and Dianne Gieryn

The Gieryn’s former financial institution changed too many of its practices and they had to find somewhere else to handle their banking – a friend pointed them to Fox Communities Credit Union

When you think about where you shop, where you eat, where you bank, you’ll probably notice you’re quite loyal to your favorite stores and businesses. But what happens when that business changes things up in a way that just doesn’t sit well with you anymore? You’ve got to find somewhere else to shop, eat, or bank, right?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Ted and Dianne Gieryn.

They had been with their financial institution for 18 years, and they were happy for pretty much every one of those years – until they weren’t. It started slowly, with a small change here and a small change there, none of which alone would have made the Gieryns think about leaving. But those changes soon started to add up. And when it all became too much, when the financial institution they had known for 18 years was clearly no longer the same institution they fell in love with, they decided to make a change.

Knowing what they had to do, the Gieryns turned to a friend for help. And that friend pointed them toward Fox Communities Credit Union.

Why? Because that friend told the Gieryns Fox would treat them – and everyone else – with “fairness.” That really resonated with the Gieryns, so they decided to make the move. And even though the prospect of switching over all their finances from one institution to another was a stressful one, the Gieryns knew right away that they made the right choice.

“When we first started with Fox, we were welcomed with open arms,” Dianne said. “All our questions were answered.”

And they were answered by the same people each time the Gieryns contacted Fox, meaning a familiar rapport was quickly established, something the Gieryns really appreciated.

“Toward the end (with our other institution), it was never the same face when we went in,” Ted said. “But at Fox, we quickly started to recognize everyone in the lobby, and we got to keep working with the same people. That really helped things along.”

That budding familiarity helped with the process of switching over all their finances to Fox – a process the Gieryns found to be much easier than expected thanks to some simple forms and friendly Fox team members. In fact, the Gieryns were even able to save some money on their mortgage!

So, will the Gieryns recommend Fox Communities Credit Union to any friends who end up in a similar situation?

“Without hesitation,” Ted said. “To anyone who asks.”

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