People helping people at Fox Communities Credit Union

Helping you make life happen isn’t just a feel-good motto, it’s our way of life

At Fox Communities Credit Union, we’re not interested in the quick fix that saddles you with debt and high interest rates. Instead, we make it our mission, day in and day out, to ensure we’re helping you plot the best financial path forward. To see what we mean, check out the story below.


We recently had a member come in for a loan due to some unexpected financial difficulties. But instead of just saddling this member with debt, we did some digging into what was causing their difficulties and discovered that they didn’t need a loan. We found what amounted to a big misunderstanding with their tax bill – they made a mistake on a form and ended up being taxed for something they shouldn’t have been – which meant there was a more efficient way to resolve the situation without paying interest on a personal loan. What is scary is that if the member went someplace that didn’t care as much as we do here at Fox, they could have ended up with a very difficult debt situation. So, please always remember, we’re here to help and we’ve got your back, no matter what you’re going through. We’ve got a team of over 450 here to help!

Rick Dennis
Financial Wellness Manager
[email protected]