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Status Updates

In an effort to keep members updated with the progress of our Technology Upgrade, we will be updating this webpage with the latest Upgrade news.

We thank you all very much for your patience with us, as we progress through our Technology Upgrade.

Updates as of 12 PM, December 13, 2019.

Call Center Support

  • Please call 920-636-7018 for support.
  • We are experiencing higher than normal call volumes. We appreciate your patience. 

Account Statements

  • Member statements, that reflect activity from November 9 – 30, 2019, are being mailed 12/13/19 and should be received within the following 2-3 business days. We apologize for the delay.

    If you elected to receive eStatements, you will receive an email notification when they are ready to view. To retrieve your eStatement, open our app or visit our website at to log into your account through our Digital Banking. Once logged in, you can view your statement within the Electronic Documents section of the main menu.

  • This statement is produced as follows:

    • You will receive a statement for all the products and services that are held in your name only, including any Doing Business As (DBA) accounts.

    • You will also receive a separate statement(s) for products and services where other individuals have an interest (including joint, custodian, guardian, rep payee, business authorized signer, etc.).

    • Statement delivery method (print or eStatement) will stay as you previously selected. However, if you had multiple primary account numbers with different delivery methods, the method that you had with your oldest account number will be the standard for all your statements.

Credit Card Statements

  • Credit card statement will be mailed separately this month, even if you have opted to receive it electronically. As a reminder, credit card payments are not due until the 27th of the month.

Mortgage Statements

  • Please know that if you have opted to receive your mortgage statement electronically, it will be mailed to you this month.
  • As a reminder, you have either a 10-day or 15-day grace period from the due date which allows you to pay the amount due by the 11th or 16th of the month. Please check your statement.

Electronic Teller

  • If you are receiving a busy signal, please use our alternate Electronic Teller system number 920-843-6789.

Bill Pay

  • If you receive the following error message when attempting to make a Bill Pay payment using the mobile app, it is likely because you need to accept the Bill Pay agreement.
  • To accept the Bill Pay Agreement on a mobile device:
    1. Tap “Menu”
    2. Tap “Transactions” and then “Bill Pay”
    3. On the Bill Pay page, tap “Options” and then “Visit Bill Pay Site”
    4. The agreement will appear – once it is accepted, it will be ready to use. 
    5. bill pay agreement steps
  • Once you sign into Digital Banking, your Bill Pay profile will be automatically linked and ready to use by the following business day. Even though you will see the Bill Pay menu option, please DO NOT re-enroll as this will create a new profile and will replace your existing Bill Pay profile.

Digital Banking

  • Pending debit card transactions are now available for members to view in Digital Banking. When pending, the debit card transaction will show ‘Pending’ in the date column.
  • Due dates and details for loans and credit cards within online banking have been corrected.
  • The ability to make payments to your Fox Communities Credit Card within Digital Banking is now functioning. Please note: to make the payment, in the main menu, select “Transactions” and then select “Loan Payments”.
  • For members who are unable to be validated during enrollment:
    • Due to high volumes of members enrolling into our new digital platform, it may take multiple attempts for the enrollment process to be completed.
    • If after submitting the enrollment form you receive an error, please clear out the form and retype your information.
    • The personal information that you submit must match what the credit union has on file. For clarification, please refer to the last statement you received.
    • If your legal name includes a suffix such as “Jr” or “Sr”, or if your last name is hyphenated, or you have two last names, please be sure to that information during the enrollment process.
  • Member to Member Transfers are available. Please note, you must enter the full 12-digit account number.
  • Please be sure to use the most updated version of our mobile app, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 
  • Pending Debit Transactions: we are aware this feature didn’t make it into our new digital banking, however, we are working hard to get it added in – stay tuned!
  • Pending ACH Transactions within digital banking: this is a feature that we are working towards adding back into our digital banking platform in the near future.
  • Some consumer loan (auto, boat, etc.) payment due dates are not displaying correctly in digital banking: we are working to solve this issue as soon as possible. Your consumer loan payment due date has not changed.
  • Digital Banking enrollment is working. It is important to “Enroll” in the new platform now that the new system is live, even if you had a previous username and password. If you still have difficulties, please contact us.
  • When enrolling into digital banking from the mobile app, please tap on the “Enroll” link: new mobile app enrollment
  • For the best user experience, please use the latest version of any one of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

Debit/Credit Card Transactions

  • Debit and Credit Card Transactions from the Upgrade weekend are now visible in Digital Banking.
  • Transactions that accidentally showed as duplicates are being corrected.


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You are about to leave Fox Communities Credit Union's website. Any external site listed here is not under the control of Fox Communities Credit Union. Thank you for visiting. Please return when you need information about Fox Communities CU's products and services.