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Personal Loans

Personal Loans

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Personal Loans are a great way to get the extra cash you need, whatever your reason may be.

Consolidate credit cards and other debt to a lower rate. Fund a home improvement project, wedding, vacation, or anything your heart desires. Need to improve your credit? Fox even has a personal loan option to do just that.

Personal Loan Options

Fox Communities Credit Union understands that everyone’s situation is different. For that reason, we have a variety of personal loan options suited to various needs. Unsure which is the right one for you?

View the Daily Rate Sheet for all personal loan rates, options, details, and disclosures.

Getting a personal loan is simple with Fox. Contact us today!

An unsecured personal loan is a fixed-rate loan that is not backed by collateral and is repaid in monthly installments over a specific term. Reasons to get this type of loan include:

    • Debt consolidation: Roll your debts into one monthly payment, potentially reducing the interest you pay toward the debt and helping you pay it off faster.
    • Home improvement: Wanting to finish your basement? Perhaps your kitchen needs a facelift. Use a personal loan to cover the costs.
    • Large Expenses: Using a personal loan to pay for your wedding or a dream vacation can help you stick to a budget.
    • And more!

A share secured loan uses the assets in a share account, otherwise known as a savings account, to back up the loan. When you take out a share secured loan, the equivalent assets within your savings account are frozen and become available again as you pay off the loan.

Fox’s Credit Builder Loan is similar to a share secured loan, however you are not required to provide money/savings up front to get this loan. This loan type is designed to help you establish a solid payment history, boost your credit score, and take control of your future.

Here’s how Fox’s Credit Builder Loan works:

The money you borrow from Fox is put into a savings account on your behalf and held as collateral (so you cannot touch it until the loan is paid). You make regular monthly payments at a favorable interest rate.

When your credit builder loan is completely paid off, the money you initially borrowed is released to you.  So, in the long run you’ll have saved up a nice chunk of money, and by making regular loan payments on time, you’ll have established credit or potentially improved your credit score. You might want to use the funds for a down payment on an auto, education, home improvements or whatever your goals/dreams are.

A higher credit score translates into better rates on future loans. It can also have a positive impact obtaining insurance and certain jobs that consider credit history.

And if you made your loan payments on time, we’d like to sit down with you and talk about your future loans.

A kwik cash line of credit is a revolving line of credit that can be accessed using digital banking. This personal line of credit is a convenient way to borrow smaller amounts of money, or even provide overdraft protection for your checking account.


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