How does money work? We make it easy to help kids get dollar-wise.

Age-appropriate resources

Fox offers separate literacy approaches for young kids and teens.

Interactive games and comics

We make financial education enjoyable for the 12-and-under crowd.

Additional online resources

Teens spend lots of time online, so we're meeting them where they're most comfortable.

In addition to enjoying our youth-friendly financial tools, kids can open a real-world savings account to learn even more about money management.

Working hard, being honest, respecting others. Early on, we try to teach our kids important lessons and good habits. At Fox, we believe it's just as important to learn about finances from a young age. Understanding how money is earned, managed, and saved will help kids make smart decisions throughout their entire lives.

Get Started

Learning about money can be fun and practical. So we've developed all sorts of tools and resources to give the youngsters in your life a jump-start.

M3 Money Club | ages 4-12

M3 Money Club features financial information and resources for young credit union members. This is our Ka-Pow Kids Club training grounds! Train to be a Super Saver with the interactive games, comics and cartoons, podcasts, and more.


Elements of Money | Teens

Elements of Money features financial information and resources for teen credit union members. This website covers everything from learning about the Credit Union Difference to saving for college, and more.

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