Week 4: 1, 2, 3, 4…

This week, we’re counting to four. Four more dollars are going into my 52 Weeks sub-savings account, for a grand total of ten bucks.


I have a nasty habit I need to break. It’s bad in two ways: 1. Unhealthy. 2. Expensive. What is this evil? McDonald’s Egg McMuffins. Delicious? Yes. Convenient? Very. Nutritious? No. Expensive? $3.79, which adds up when it’s a twice a week habit.

To curb this indiscretion, I purchased two four-packs of frozen breakfast sandwiches (Jimmy Dean Delights) for a total of $9.58. That comes out to about $1.20 per sandwich. A difference of $2.59 from the price of an Egg McMuffin, saving me $5.18 per week! And I’m not sacrificing taste or convenience. These Delight breakfast sandwiches take about two minutes to cook in the microwave and they’re delicious!


Even though it doesn’t seem like I’m saving an astronomical amount of money, I know that I’m building the foundation for savings down the road. It’s a good feeling and I hope you’re experiencing it too!

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