Week 2: It Takes Two (dollars), Baby

Here we are in Week 2. This means it’s time to stash $2 in my 52 Week sub-savings account. Let’s make it happen:

Set up my transfer


Select Transfer to account

Get in the Habit.
Many of you may be thinking, “$2, big whoop.” And for lots of people, two bucks won’t make or break the bank. But there’s another very important component to the 52 Week Savings Plan: habit.

The first few weeks of the savings plan is about making the act of saving money second nature. Habits can be difficult actions to build and that’s why these first few weeks of the savings plan are so critical. It’s not so much about the amount of money you’re saving, initially. It’s about taking the time to put your $2 or $5 or $10 into a savings account. As Nike has been telling us for years: Just Do It.

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