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Protect your finances with Card Controls from Fox Communities Credit Union


Protect your finances with Card Controls from Fox Communities Credit Union

Posted on by Fox Communities

The power of Fox is at your fingertips when you use our mobile app with your Fox debit and credit cards

Anyone with a smartphone knows just how much power they afford – and right at your fingertips, too! That doesn’t change when you work with us here at Fox Communities Credit Union, because we’ve fully embraced – safely and securely – the convenience and capabilities of smartphones. For example, when you open a credit card and debit card with us here at Fox and activate our mobile banking app, you get the power of our Card Controls right in the palm of your hand. What are the Fox Card Controls, you ask? Let’s find out together.


What are the Card Controls available with Fox credit and debit cards?

We talked up our card control capabilities quite a bit over the course of our introduction, and now it’s time to back that big talk up with some impressive evidence. As the name implies, our Card Controls are all about keeping you, your Fox credit and debit cards, and your finances safe and secure. And they achieve that task with four main capabilities:

  1. PIN & Signature Alerts – You can set up PIN and Signature Alerts that will immediately let you know whenever your Fox credit and debit cards are used, which means you’ll know about unauthorized or fraudulent activity as soon as it happens.
  2. Location-Based Alerts & Controls – This function allows you to set location-based thresholds for your Fox debit and credit cards, which means you have to authorize any use outside of those boundaries.
  3. Usage Alerts & Controls – Do you want to stay under a certain spending limit but don’t want to have to continuously check your account to do so? Then use our Usage Alerts and Controls function to set limits on how much you can spend. You can even set transaction amount limits to ensure you’re not spending too much in one place.
  4. Card On/Off Functions – Are your Fox credit and debit cards lost or stolen? Maybe you just need to avoid using them for a bit? Just turn them off and no one, not even you, can use them until you turn them back on.

Our Card Controls are available no matter where you are at any particular moment – be it the Fox Valley area, the Green Bay area, the Manitowoc area, or anywhere else in the world, for that matter. If you’d like to learn more about all of our Fox online banking capabilities, please contact our Fox staff.

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