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You’ve worked too hard for your money to waste it on ATM fees!


You’ve worked too hard for your money to waste it on ATM fees!

Posted on by Fox Communities

There are so many fees to watch out for these days; processing fees on tickets, luggage fees at airports, annual fees at the gym, resort fees at the hotel (what are those anyway?). We’d like to help you take one type of fee off your list: ATM fees. They are one of the most common fees paid by consumers, and as luck would have it, they’re also one of the easiest fees to avoid. Follow the tips below and stop paying ATM fees so you can spend your money on the things you love (like maybe more resort fees on a nice vacation)!

Did you know Fox owns more than 35 ATMs? Additionally, Fox is part of a surcharge-free Alliance One network, which provides members an additional 5,000 ATMs, covering 42 states. Visit our Find An ATM webpage to learn more about Fox & Alliance One ATMs and their locations.

Use this chart to help avoid potential fees while withdrawing funds using your Fox debit card:A table showing that you pay no ATM owner fees at ATMs belonging to Fox or Alliance One and that you get 4 withdrawals at non-Fox ATMs per month, and will be charged one dollar per withdrawal thereafter.ATM Owner Fee (Surcharge): When using an ATM that is not owned by Fox Communities Credit Union, you may be charged a surcharge fee from the ATM owner. You will be notified about this ATM Owner Fee (Surcharge) on the ATM screen and you must accept it in order to proceed with your withdrawal.

Card Issuer Fee: Fox allows 4 withdrawals a month, without an Issuer Fee for withdrawals made at an ATM not owned by Fox. The credit union will charge you a $1 fee for each withdrawal after the first 4 in a month at an ATM not owned by Fox.

**For each withdrawal thereafter, you will be charged a $1 fee.

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