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Learn More About Where Fox Communities Began


Learn More About Where Fox Communities Began

Posted on by Fox Communities

Fox Communities Credit Union started from humble beginnings.

In 1937, we were a group of coworkers who decided to work together to help each other to create better financial futures. We have grown a lot since those days, but we are still driven by the desire to make a better financial future for our our members and for our community. This is only a small clip from a special Fox Communities history video that we created. The video tells the story of Fox’s beginnings, how we’ve grown, and what makes us such a special organization (spoiler alert: it’s how much we care about each other and our communities)! We’ve made the full video available if you’d like to watch it – and you should –  it’s 25 minutes of heartwarming history.

Brett Thompson: The formation of credit unions in Wisconsin occurred in the early Twenties. Credit unions really had a sizeable level of growth coming out of the Depression.

Greg Hilbert: In 1937, there were three employees that worked at the Combined Locks Paper Mill that decided it would be worthwhile to start a credit union.

Sharon Van Asten: It started in a little room in the mill in Combined Locks.

George Ulman: At that time, you had to be a mill member.  If you got a loan, they had to know you. It was basically a handshake.

John Rietveld: It was kind of a one-man operation. The Treasurer at that time had a checkbook in his pocket that he wrote the check out.

Sharon Van Asten: As they grew, an office was built in Combined Locks.

Greg Hilbert: They had opened up the membership eligibility to the Village of Combined Locks.

Steve Vande Hey: We moved up and created a new building on the edge of the property of the mill. And we went on to create Fox Communities Credit Union from there.

Brett Thompson – CEO, Wisconsin Credit Union League
Greg Hilbert – Retired President & CEO, Fox Communities Credit Union
Sharon Van Asten – Retired Mortgage Lender, Fox Communities Credit Union
George Ulman – Retired Board Member, Fox Communities Credit Union
John Rietveld – Retired Board Member, Fox Communities Credit Union
Steve Vande Hey – Retired Board Member, Fox Communities Credit Union

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