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Saving Money on Groceries


Saving Money on Groceries

Posted on by Fox Communities

Make a List and Stick to it

Before hitting the store, make a list of items that you intend to purchase. Go through your cupboards, refrigerator, freezer and pantry to jot down what you are low on our out of. If you have any specific recipes you will be making, check what items you are missing and also add those to your list.

Determine what kind of list works best for you

Some might prefer the “Old Fashioned” route, with a paper and pencil/pen. I like to cross off my items as I go through the store and so the old fashioned route is not my preferred method. I prefer a digital approach. There are many apps available to download that may help you keep your grocery shopping organized or use the built-in notes app on your device (I’ve tried both).

Hard Work Pays Off

Use Coupons and Rewards

Don’t be Ashamed of Using Coupons

Use coupons whenever you can, even if it is just a small savings. Small savings added together equals large savings. Use your web browser or specialty coupon apps to search for grocery store and product coupons.

Take the Time to do a Comparison

Do online searches for the best prices. Not sure if you’re looking at the best price? Use an online shopping app or your web browser to compare prices before buying.

Breaking Up with Name Brands

Picture this scenario: you’re steering your shopping cart through the sliding doors of the supermarket, shopping list in hand. As you walk the aisles, there’s a strategy you can use to save an average of 33% on your entire purchase. It doesn’t require any coupon cutting or signing up for rewards cards. And the best part? You still get every single item on your list. The secret? Buying private-label products instead of brand-name products.

What are private-label products?

Commonly referred to as “store brand” or “generics,” private-label products are manufactured by a supplier and offered under another retailer’s brand. Some suppliers exclusively offer store-brand products, while others are brand-name manufacturers who use their facility to also create value-brand products in a non-competitive category (a brand-name ketchup producer may also manufacture a store-brand tomato paste, for example). In some cases, a single Swap Brand Name for Genericsupplier may provide products (with different recipes and formulas) for a number of different store brands.

Why are they so much cheaper?

Private labels are able to sell their product for less because their marketing and advertising costs are significantly lower than their brand-name counterparts (When’s the last time you saw a Super Bowl commercial for no-name tortilla chips?) and they’re able to pass those savings along to the customer. Interestingly, even though they’re priced more cheaply, store brand usually provide the supermarket with a higher profit margin than brand names do. So, not only are generics a good deal for you – they’re also a pretty good deal for the store’s bottom line!

What about the difference in quality?

One of the biggest obstacles in switching over to a store brand is a psychological one: getting over the idea that a brand name automatically means top quality. We’ve all had the experience of being disappointed after straying from a brand-name product – but by convincing yourself that all off-brand products are low quality, you’re missing out on some great deals, as well as some great products. In a Consumer Reports taste test, more than 60% of store-brand items were judged as good as or better tasting than the national brand-name items.


Use your Fox Credit Card for your Grocery Purchases

Use your Fox credit card to make purchases on essential items, such as groceries… it’s an easy way to get rewarded! Watch how quickly your rewards points add up and redeem for:

  • Gift Cards (Including Visa, which is as good as cash)
  • Merchandise (Electronics, home goods, sport items, etc.)
  • Travel (Cruises, hotels, packages, etc.)

Learn more about Fox’s credit card rewards program by clicking here.

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