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Buying a Used Car


Buying a Used Car

Posted on by Fox Communities

Strategies for Buying a Used Car

If you take your time to carry out an inspection plus research a vehicle’s history, buying a used car can be rewarding and cost-effective.

Here are some quick tips to follow:Evaluate the car

Inspect the exterior
Look for rust, offset doors and fenders, cracks and differences in paint color.

Check the interior
Inspect the interior for wear and tear and water damage and check the odometer – if it shows low mileage but the inside of the car is disheveled, the car may not be what it appears to be.

Check the tires and wheels
Look for even tire wear – uneven wear could mean that the wheels or suspension are out of alignment.Negotiate a deal

Look at the engine
Make sure the coolant is clear and the oil, transmission fluid and brake fluid are all the correct colors.

Vehicle history
Request a Vehicle History Report, repair invoices and receipts, and registration information and be aware of all new parts.

Don’t rush the purchase
Take your time inspecting the vehicle and getting the necessary information. You don’t want to regret a quick decision.

Don’t accept issuesResearch the car
If you see problems, mention them and request that the seller fix them – if the seller won’t fix them and you’re still interested in buying the car, negotiate a discount.

Don’t buy unseen
Always physically see the car before purchasing – pictures can be misleading.

Don’t listen to music
When test driving the car, make sure you don’t have the stereo on – music can mask suspicious noises and rattles in the car.

Don’t ignore your instincts
If it feels wrong, don’t be afraid to walk away – trust yourself, as there will always be another car out there for you.

Let Us Help You Save Time & Money on Your Next Auto Purchase

If you dread the thought of car shopping or need some real unbiased advice, contact our Auto Buying Specialist!

Mike Pastorelli
Mike Pastorelli
30+ years experience
1151 Westowne Drive, Neenah

Mike researches many vehicles for our members, free of cost, to save them time and stress that comes with vehicle shopping. Have Mike start shopping for you now by filling out our Find My Vehicle Request form.

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