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Weeks 22 – 29: Throwing Money at the Window (not out)


Weeks 22 – 29: Throwing Money at the Window (not out)

Posted on by Lindsay Diedrich

A preface to this blog article: Readers, I have so missed you and I apologize for my absence. Expect another blog article following this one which will cover Weeks 30-37 and then I’ll get back on track. I promise. 

Let’s rewind to the end of last winter. The specific date eludes me as I can barely remember what year I graduated high school any more. I was roused from my slumber by a loud thud that seemed to come from the bathroom. Normal people would probably get out of bed to investigate the matter. Well, my dog didn’t bark and that’s my litmus test for concern when it comes to strange noises in my house. So I fell back into a peaceful sleep until my alarm went off.


Non-Pro Tip: Don’t use painter’s tape to keep the glass shards from falling onto the ground.

As I stumbled into the bathroom for my morning routine, I noticed a chill in the air. I pulled up the window blinds and saw that the outer pane of glass on the upper sash was broken. Bummer. To this day, I’m still not sure what would’ve done that to a window in the middle of the night.

When something breaks, my first instinct is to research repairs, and gauge the do-it-yourself-ability of the project. I had it in my head that I’d replace the entire window, frame and all, with the help of my trusty father who has zero experience in window-work. He was game, I was game. We even picked a Saturday to work. And then I got scared and changed my mind.

My next step was to call a handyman. I did some research on Angies List (I had a trial membership at the time and had some success with it) and picked someone reputable whom I’ve since I recommended to friends and family.

The handyman came over for an estimate of the window as well as a couple of other things that needed to be looked at. To my delight, the window didn’t need to be replaced. He quoted me $75 to remove the upper window sash and take it to a glass repair shop, as well as bring it back and reinstall it. But he recommended I do it myself. He showed me how to remove it and reinstall it and he also told me where to take it for the most affordable and reliable repair.


Good as new!

In all, the repair cost a shade under $100 to have the pane replaced and then have it filled with argon. But, I saved $75 by doing the legwork myself. Worth it!

Moral of the story? Don’t jump to conclusions and talk to a trusted professional. There are people out there willing to help for nothing.

Week 27 Update

I have saved $435 in my 52 Week Savings account! Also I realize, I’m just over halfway through the plan and feeling awesome about it. Hope you’re feeling just as good as I am! Haven’t started the 52 Week Savings Plan, yet? Check out our page dedicated to the plan and get started!

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