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Weeks 20 & 21: Money Honey


Weeks 20 & 21: Money Honey

Posted on by Lindsay Diedrich

This coin jar has it all: Blue Hawaii Elvis, it’s in the shape of a guitar, it holds coins…

There’s probably a small fortune strewn about your belongings and you don’t even know it. Between the couch cushions, in your vehicle’s cup holder, or maybe on top of your clothes dryer. What are we talking about, here?  Loose change. A little pile of change might not look like much all by it’s lonesome, but when combined with coinage you find elsewhere, you may find you’ve got a nice chunk of dough in your possession. Enter: the piggy bank.

Many of you probably already have your own version of a piggy bank, er… coin jar (the more grown-up term?). My boyfriend and I put our loose change into an Elvis Guitar Bank, (not in the ironic “we’re hipsters” way. We just like Elvis.). We cashed it in last spring after feeding it for not quite a year. The grand total? Almost $300!

College Fund Bank

Can of Diet Coke, for scale.

I think it was my 16th birthday or so… I was given this bank by my aunt, bless her heart. If only a piggy bank of this stature could house the coin necessary to pay for a four-year degree. However, it might cover the cost to attend the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good – and Who Wanna Learn to do Other Stuff Good Too.

Why save coins?

  1. It takes little effort. I am typically not a cash-user but when I do, I automatically take the loose change I receive and save it for the Elvis Bank.
  2. It’s fun to see your coin jar/piggy bank fill up.
  3. You’ll be surprised by how much you have when it cash it in.
  4. For kids, it’s an awesome way to teach them how to count & save money.

What should I do when I’m ready to cash in my change?

Bring your change to Fox! Not a member? That’s ok. We’re happy to cash in your change. You can do so either at the teller line, or check out our QuickChange machine at the following branches:

Where are you in your 52 Week Savings Plan journey?

I’m up to $231 in my 52 Week sub-savings account. Haven’t started the plan or maybe you just learned about it? Get your 52 Week Savings Plan worksheet here.

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