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Week 5: Mambo No. $5


Week 5: Mambo No. $5

Posted on by Lindsay Diedrich

I’m not sure how long this theme of “Songs with Numbers in them” is going to last, but let’s ride this wave while it’s still rolling, shall we?

I think I prefer this Disney version over the 1999 version that still gets a surprising amount of radio play…

Back to SAVING MONEY. $5 for Week 5.

I have a confession: When it comes to grocery shopping, I very rarely use coupons. Why not? I don’t get the newspaper and I’m not organized enough to keep a stash of coupons I do come across. However, I was over at my parents’ house a couple of Sundays ago and I was looking through their newspaper. The lovely lady that my mom is, she offered me the coupon section from their newspaper. I begrudgingly accepted, stuck the pile in a used plastic shopping bag and threw them in the back seat of my car, which might as well be a blackhole because rarely does anything that winds up back there ever make it out. Unless you’re my dog or a passenger in my car.

Now, luckily for those coupons, I offered to drive a group of friends to dinner which meant the car needed a cleaning. Instead of depositing the coupons directly to the big trash bin outside of my garage, I transported them yet to another inhospitable environment: the dining table. Home of pens with questionable ink levels, the 9 volt battery I removed from the extremely sensitive smoke detector that wouldn’t stop going off while fajitas simmered on the stove (nothing was burning!), and a potpourri of paper products in various forms (bills, reminders, notes, stamps, etc.). I assure you, friend: I’m a functioning adult.

No really, I save $5 somewhere in this article.

On bill paying day, as luck would have it, I had to acknowledge the coupon bag before I could get to the water bill. Out of curiosity I opened the bag and perused the pile. After a couple of weeks, I didn’t think any of them would still be valid. Wrong! Most of them had pretty lengthy expiration dates. It was the $2.00 off a 12 roll-pack of toilet paper coupon that made me get up and look for some scissors, which reside in the third-most inhospitable environment of my home: the junk drawer.

Of course, not all of the coupons were winners but I did actually find $5.50 worth of savings on products/brands I normally buy anyway.

Lessons Learned

  1. Listen to your mom.
  2. Don’t be afraid of “couponing,” (I’m told that’s a verb, now).
  3. Create an”organization tips” board on Pinterest.
  4. Follow some of those organizational tips from Pinterest.
  5. I now have $15 in my 52 Weeks Savings Plan account. Yay!

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