Club Accounts and Other Savings

Christmas Club Savings Account

  • Deposit money to save for Christmas
  • Funds are available October 1st
  • $5.00 fee for early withdrawal

Back to School Club Account

  • Deposit money to save for school
  • Funds are available August 1st
  • $5.00 fee for early withdrawal

Kirby Kids Club             Check out the Kids Corner!

Great way for kids under the age of 12 to begin saving. Just $5 is needed to open the account.

Kirby Kangaroo Club members receive:

  • Kirby Club membership card
  • Kirby saving passbook to help them watch their money grow
  • A free birthday gift
  • Kirby Club newsletter – just for kids
  • Exclusive mailings and invitations for club events and activities
  • Interest earned with minimum $25 deposit and accrued daily, paid quarterly

Living Trusts

A living trust, created while you’re alive, lets you control the distribution of your estate. You transfer ownership of your property and your assets into the trust. You can serve as the trustee or you can select a person or an institution to be the trustee. If you’re the trustee, you will have to name a successor trustee to distribute the assets upon your death.

The advantage of a living trust? Properly drafted and executed, it can avoid probate because the trust owns the assets, not the deceased. Only property in the deceased’s name must go through probate. The downside? Poorly drawn or unfunded trusts can cost you money and endanger your best intentions.

Funeral Trusts

Funeral Trust accounts are pre-funding of a funeral by depositing funds for the funeral expenses. The funds deposited do remain in the person’s name with the funeral home payable upon death.

Funds are deposited in an account (Certificate of Deposit) at the credit union. These accounts earn interest at the current rates and any interest earned is considered income and taxable with a 1099 Interest statement being sent out by us at the end of the year. Funeral trusts can either be revocable (you can change which funeral home the funds are payable to) or irrevocable (you cannot change which funeral home the funds are payable to.)


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