Auto Buying Service

Fox Answers auto buying with AutoAnswers, our Free Auto Buying Service. Let us help you find your next vehicle! Click here to let Tom know what you’re looking for & he’ll start your search right away!

“I was in need of something affordable and reliable. I went to see Tom and he found a great deal on a 2003 Jeep Cherokee. He helped me with questions on the price range and the type of vehicle I was looking for. After my purchase, as a first time car owner, I had many questions on the maintenance of my Jeep. Tom was happy to answer them. If you are looking for a car at a great price, someone knowledgeable of vehicles and where to find them, Tom is the man!” - Cilena, Member since 2007

“Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of needing to purchase a new car, Tom made it the most hassle free, straight forward vehicle purchase I have ever made. His professional service saved me valuable time and money, and I absolutely love the car he found me. I wouldn’t ever consider buying a car the “old-fashioned” way again!”  - Stacy, Member since 1984

Save money on your next vehicle purchase by talking to our expert, Tom, before you begin your search for your next new or used vehicle. In the last 12 months, Tom has helped 167 members with a total savings of over $250,000!

  • Tom shops for a vehicle for many of our members, therefore, he may receive a volume buying discount from the dealership. Have Tom start shopping for you now!
  • Fox Communities Credit Union members also have the opportunity to purchase GAP and Warranty for $300 to $500 less than a dealership offers.
  • Due to Tom’s extensive knowledge and dealership network, he will help you get a great deal on a vehicle that fits your needs.

Our FREE Auto Buying Service may help if you

  • Need to replace your vehicle.
  • Are looking to upgrade your vehicle but are unsure of the best choice.
  • Are having mechanical problems with your current vehicle.

If you dread the thought of car shopping or need some real unbiased advice call Tom at 920-993-3705 or email today! Tell Tom what you are looking for and let him find it for you!